Sunday 15 July 2012

MDUC - Photo Inspiration and most importantly a SURPRISE Baby Shower

I know I have been really absent from blogging land lately but we are currently renovating and our house is just a shambles. A few weeks ago also all my craft supplies where packed up so I have not been able to even look at my stuff. Our computer is also packed up making looking at blogs on my iPhone really hard!To be honest though between the house, being crazy busy at work (nearly working full time hours), the kids and the school holidays I barely would have the energy to craft. Luckily though things are starting to calm down and my new craft room is 3/4 finished, yippee! I am so excited it to have this space and to feel that I have to get a project finished the same day as my old craft area was in the lounge so I had to make sure that I kept the desk clean and tidy. 

Anyhow onto my postfor today. Our fellow teamie Louise is ready to have a baby any day now. Louise is a truly beautiful, caring, chirpy lady. We are so lucky to have her on our team and most importantly as our friend. Now as we are all spread over the world it was decided that this week we would have a surprise baby shower for her. We gave Louise a different photo (not too different ) to what we had, I know tricky hey!!! I nearly doubled over with laughter the other week when she was asking about where to find the photo for this weeks challenge!  

Hunni I hope you have enjoyed your surprise! We cant wait for bubba to arrive and see lots of photos.

Here is what I made for her ( I did manage to whip this up a few weeks ago before my stuff got packed up). I have to say I am not overly in love with my colouring but it was my third attempt....

and here is the inspiration:

I have taken the pinks, greens and the bows. 

I really hope you take the chance to pop over to MDUC and check out the amazing creations made for Louise and of course to come join us as we celebrate Louise and the arrival of her new baby. 

Thanks for stopping by today, until next time.



    You´re not overly exited about the coloring??? :o Well, sweetie! I can tell you I am! This is soooo cute, Tilda is sooo adorable and I love the papers and lovely details you added :) I could just stay around here for the rest of the day looking at this amazing creation! ♥

    THANK YOU so much for your lovely words about me, especially the friend part! ♥ They mean so much to me! You have no idea :) Thank you for playing along even though I know you have so much to do and think about at the moment! I´m so happy for you your craft room renovation are moving on in such speed! Soon, probably before you know it, you will be enjoying your self with your crafty stuff again! ♥

    I LOVE YOU! Big hugs ♥

  2. Bron this is just superb and so perfect for Louise! Chanelle xxx


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