Thursday 10 December 2009

Teachers Presents

Hi again. It has been a few days but as I said previously with the silly season upon us, time just seems to disappear. Tonight I have been to Roberts Kinder Concert. It was very cute. He was very proud to hand to me at the end of the night a hand decorated box with a Christmas tree decoration and cookies made by him. I also love the art folder the kinder has made up for us. It is a shame that Michael was working and he missed out. These are the things that only ever happen once and no matter how hard someone tries to explain it, it is just not the same as being there.


I think (fingers crossed) I finished the Christmas shopping today. YEY!!!!!!!! Now I just have to wrap it all.


So as promised in my last post I am going to show you the presents I have made for the teachers. I made the Goodie Bags (you can find the tutorial here) for them and have filled them up with chocolates. I know it is very unoriginal giving the chocolates but as least I know they will eat them whereas they might put a candle or soap in the back of the cupboard. I also did not decorate these bags up too much as the papers are quite busy and I also thought that as they were probably going to be thrown away (I know it is hard to think that of our work). I do however think they are still effective.

I have used a mixture of patterned papers and ribbons. They are actually really easy to make. I think they only took about 15 minutes each to make.

I hope you all manage to keep your heads above the sand during this crazy season. I will try to be back soon with some more soon.

Until next time xoxo

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  1. Bron, these are awesome, might have to try them!
    luv Kirst


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