Monday 19 July 2010

Kellie's is celebrating 550 followers with some fab candy

Wow congratulations Kel on reaching 550 followers that is amazing. Your work is amazing hun and I am sure every 550 of your followers love ready your quirky posts and looking at your gorgeous work.

To celebrate Kellie has decided to give away some candy and by goodness it is HUGE. Here is a pic of what is up for grabs

Not bad hey? There are 30+ stamps in this candy (fingers crossed that I am the lucky one to win this!). For further info of the candy visit Kellie's post here and whilst you are there don't forget to enter. The candy will be open to the 16th August. I know I should be saying good luck but seeming I would like to be the lucky winner I am not going to extend any luck to you, LOL!

I am going to be really busy with work this week (working extra days and hours) so I probably will not be back till Thursday, so until next xoxo

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